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Trolleys & More - Originally begun specifically for trolleys (called trams outside the USofA and Canada), this webring focused on electric

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Trolleys & More

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Originally begun specifically for trolleys (called trams outside the USofA and Canada), this webring focused on electric streetcars deriving their power from overhead wires. (The term derives from the trolley wheel which trolled the power line to pickup the electric power.) It has since expanded to include streetcars, light rail and subways, which serve similar purposes in our cities.

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   Under 2 Wires Preview Go
A site dedicated to the trolleybus systems of the West Midlands and the current only double-deck trolleybus route in the world at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.
   NCat - Live Catenary in N SCALE ! ! ! Preview Go
N-Cat (en-kat) n. (from "N" meaning a scale in model railroading and "cat" abbr. for catenary, or overhead system of power collection for electric locomotives) Specifically applied to that branch of the NTrak modular layout system that employs an overhead wire for locomotive current collection.
   Toronto Transit Models Preview Go
At this site you'll find photos, model news, and links, relating to modeling the TTC. There are also links for the City Of Toronto in general.

   Trolley buses in Europe Preview Go
The site about European trolley buses. Pictures and Information about Salzburg, Brno, Innsbruck, Linz, Kapfenberg, Bruck/Mur, Zurich, Bergen, Kosice and others
   Troleweb, the unofficial page of trolleybus system of C Preview Go
Troleweb, the unofficial page of trolleybus system of Cordoba, Argentina. Contents: Chronology, journeys, timetables, statistics, photo gallery, technical information, links to other interesting sites.
   The Train Mon Web Preview Go
Transportation: MBTA, PVTA, MTA, NYCT, Metro-North, LIRR, Miami-Dade Transit Authority, Amtrak, USAir, UPS, FedEX, Piedmont, United. People and Places: Imette, BLS, Boston, UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA, Northampton, MA, Mt. Sugarloaf, MA, S. Deerfield, MA New Haven, CT, Miami, FL Orangeburg, SC, Charlestown, SC.
   Trolleybuses Galore Preview Go
Site devoted to trolleybuses in general, and Huddersfield trolleybuses in particular. Shows progress of Huddersfield 619 undergoing restoration at The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft. Also trolleybus modelling and progress of "Ridings", a working trolleybus layout.
   Transit Toronto Preview Go
Rosters, photographs and other information about Canadian transit and railway properties, focussing on Toronto and Ontario in particular.
   Canadian Scale Transport Models Preview Go
Featuring 1/48th scale models of Toronto's PCC and CLRV cars, crafted in Russia by St Petersburg Tram Collection. Now available in Canada. Also featuring 1/43rd scale Canadian buses and trolleybuses.
   Melbourne's Trams To The Millennium Preview Go
The current state of the tramway system in Melbourne Australia. To be published in book form in early 2000.

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