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The GWR WebRing

Manager: rjkyte2
Trains and Railroads > Railway Enthusiasts
The GWR WebRing is for all sites related to the Great Western Railway (UK, absorbed pre-grouping companies and BR Western Region. Both prototype and modelling sites are welcome. All GWR related websites are welcome, subject to quliafication to the conditions laid down on the Ringmaster Site.


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   Mitchell Design Preview Go
One of the finest ranges of etched brass locomotive kits in 4mm and 7mm scales on the market today. Noted for their accuracy and ease of construction, this site is packed with photos of finished models together with the latest prices and news.

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   GWR 7202 and 3822 steam locomotive homepage Preview Go
Home page for GWR heavy freight engines 2-8-2T 7202 and 2-8-0 3822. Details of the engines, history and current state are given, along with their base at Didcot Railway Centre, home of the GWS (Great Western Society).
   Much Meddling Preview Go
A 4mm scale, 18,83mm gauge finescale model railway based on a fictitious Great Western branch line station located in the Forest of Dean. This website is intended to showcase the layout and rolling stock and to document the various stages and techniques of construction.

   Little Stoke Layout Preview Go
After modelling for nearly 30 years in 00 gauge, I thought it would be a challenge to produce a small tail-chasing exhibition layout that would fit into the rear of my car and therefor, do it in N gauge.
   Roy's Rail Page Preview Go
A rapidly developing site following the chance re-discovery of a collection of railway photographs, slides and negatives in my loft. Mostly dating from the 1960's also a few taken by my uncle in the 1930's. The purchase of a new scanner and digital technology has enabled previously unprintable negatives to reveal memory evoking images
   Chipping Hampden GWR Preview Go
This website follows the construction of a small 00-gauge branch line being built by my son and I in my converted loft.
   The Disk and Crossbar Pages Preview Go
Come look at the Great Western Railway (GWR) in the days when traffic was controlled with the disk and crossbar signal, approximately 1838 to 1874. It was a time of wonder, a time of social change, a time of legends, a time of heroes a time when a man who drove a locomotive from London to Exter and back in a single day was looked upon much as a lunar astronaut is now.
   Worsley Works Great Western List Preview Go
GWR Steam Railmotor and Trailer Project - Steam Railmotor No. 93 and Trailer 92 coming soon as etched brass kits from Worsley Works in all the popular scales
   Bambleford Home Preview Go
Bambleford is an OO gauge model of a GWR branch. This site features photos, information for exhibition managers, and will eventually include more description on how it was built.
   Stoke-by-Mendip Fictional GWR Layout in a garage Preview Go
This layout started as oval of track with diagonal connection and a siding to a two track Engine Shed in late 1982. It developed quickly to have a MPD and township, a through station for a city, sea port and a branch line.

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